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Certificate of Authenticity

SOLD #6946 Shogun Isshu-Gin Pendant; Please Explore Our Asian Category For Similar Items.


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Obverse & Reverse: Inscription of Value
Denomination: Isshu-Gin
Date: 1853 - 1865
Region: Japan
Silver Coin in 14k Gold Pendant
Pendant Size: W 11mm X H 24mm, Weight 3g

From the Battle of Sekigahara in the year 1600, Tokugawa Ieyasu became the founder and first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan which ruled until the Meiji Restoration in 1868. This period saw the flowering of urban culture, the building of great temples and shrines and a monetized commodity economy in Japan. The Samurai were the military nobility and were rewarded for their loyalty with land. These interesting rectangular coins were minted and used during the time of Japan's Shogun rulers. Each coin is marked with an inscription bearing its' value in silver.