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SOLD #6567 Byzantine Silver Cross Pendant;Please Explore Our Site For Similar Items.

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Ornate Silver Cross
Date: Circa 6th - 11th Century
Region: Byzantine Empire
Size: (H)29mm X (W)18mm
Weight: 3 Grams
3mm Bail Hole Size for Necklace

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This ornate silver Cross was hand forged during the Middle Ages in the cradle of Christianity, the Byzantine Empire. It was surely worn by a Byzantine citizen during this amazing age of early Christendom and it is still ready to wear as a necklace. With the eventual decline of Rome, the Church of Constantinople became the richest and most influential center of the Christian world. The reign of Justinian the Great in 527-565 marked a blossoming of Byzantine culture with a building program that yielded such masterpieces as the cathedral church of the Holy Wisdom of God, Hagia Sophia. Justinian who is considered a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church, created the authority of this Church which firmly established Christianity throughout the Empire. This Byzantine Empire would exist for more than a thousand years until 1453 and was one of the most powerful economic, cultural, and military forces in Europe and Asia Minor.