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Item #3711
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  • Obverse: Head of Elephant
  • Reverse: Club of Hercules
  • Date: 155 - 130 BC, Grade: Very Fine
  • Region: Indo - Greek Asia
  • Bronze Coin in 14k Gold Pendant, Weight 3.4g
  • Framed Coin Size: 16mm Diameter, with 3mm Bail Opening for Necklace
  • Size Chart with mm to inches Conversions


This coin was minted under the rule of Menander I Soter "The Saviour", who was the Indo-Greek King from 155 - 130 BC. Menander was initially a King of Bactria, which was founded 75 years after the conquests of Alexander the Great, in the region of modern day Afghanistan. King Menander eventually established an Empire in the Indian subcontinent, conquering more tribes than even Alexander the Great did in India.
Menander was a convert to Buddhism and is remembered as a just and powerful ruler. During the two centuries of their rule, the Indo-Greek Kings combined the Greek and Indian languages, art and also blended ancient Greek, Hindu and Buddhist religious practices, as seen in the archaeological remains of their cities.
This 2nd century BC coin, features the head of an elephant with a bell around its neck. Many historians believe that the elephant on this coin is a symbol of the sacred white elephant, who reputedly entered in dream, the womb of the mother of the Buddha, Queen Maya. The reverse of this coin depicts the Club of Hercules. The legend reads in Greek language on the obverse side and Karosthi on the reverse side, both stating ôSavior King Menander".