Consolacion Shipwreck 1 Real Men's Ring

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  • Spanish 1 Real Dated 1657
  • Mint: Potosi, Peru
  • Monarch: Philip IV
  • Assayer: Antonio de Erqueta
  • Silver Coin in 14k Gold Men's Ring
  • Ring Size 12, Framed Coin Size: 22mm Diameter, Weight 20g
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Original signed ROBCAR salvagers photo certificate included. This is a genuine silver coin salvaged from the treasure ship Santa Maria de la Consolación that sank in 1681. The Consolación, a Spanish Armada del Sur (South Sea Armada) galleon, was lost in 1681 after striking a reef near Guayaquil Ecuador. A delay in receiving silver coins from the mint in Potosi prevented the Consolación from sailing with the rest of the armada from Callao, Chile. When the lone ship met pirates, the captain decided to ground the Consolación on Santa Clara Island but struck a reef in the process. The vessel was evacuated and intentionally set on fire by the crew to prevent the plunder of treasure.
Santa Clara Island is also known as Isla de Muerto "Island of the Dead". Some locals say it is because from a distance the island looks like a dead man on its back, but others say that it is because the incensed Pirates beheaded the crew of the Consolacion on the island. The Consolacion was carrying 146,000 pesos in minted silver coins along with 800 silver bars and gold ingots valued at 34,000 pesos. Modern day salvage operations by the Ecuadorian company ROBCAR has resulted in the recovery of the remaining material, mostly Spanish colonial pillars and waves type cobs from the famous Potosi, Peru mint.