Egyptian Shipwreck Tetradrachm Bracelet

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  • Obverse: Ptolemy 1st
  • Reverse: Eagle of Zeus on Thunderbolt
  • Date: 74 - 73 BC, Grade: Very Fine
  • Mint: Alexandria, Egypt
  • Silver Tetradrachm Coin in 14k Gold Bezel on Sterling Silver Bracelet.
  • Bracelet Size: 7", Framed Coin Size: 28mm Diameter, Weight 30g
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This is a genuine silver tetradrachm recovered from an ancient Egyptian galley, that was sailing (or rowing) its way northward, along the Mediterranean shore, just west of present day Israel. The ship sank as it neared the ancient Phoenician port of Ashkelon. The latest coins recovered from this shipwreck date to 74 - 73 BC based on the reigning year of Ptolemy 12th, Greek King of Egypt 80 - 51 BC. He was the last King of Egypt and was succeeded by his daughter Cleopatra 7th, last Queen of Egypt, last of the Ptolemaic Dynasty and lover of Julius Caesar and Marc Antony.
The obverse of this coin features Ptolemy 1st, friend of Alexander the Great and one of his best generals. When Alexander's Empire was divided, Ptolemy settled in Egypt, ancient breadbasket of civilization, home of 25 dynasties and 3,200 years of recorded history. The reverse features an Eagle (symbol of Zeus) on a thunderbolt.
This coin was struck in Alexandria; a city founded by and named after Alexander the Great in 334 BC. It remained Egypt's capital for nearly a thousand years. This city was destined to remain one of the world's most important cities and was famous for its Lighthouse and the Library of Alexandria.