SOLD Rooswijk Shipwreck 4 Reales Pendant. Please Explore Our Spanish Treasure Pendants For Similar Items.

Item #7511
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  • Spanish 4 Reales
  • Full 1730 Date, Assayer: Nicholas de Roxas
  • Mint: Mexico City
  • Monarch: Philip V
  • Silver Coin in 14k Gold Pendant
  • Framed Coin Size: 32mm Diameter, Weight 21g
  • Size Chart


Salvager certificate is also included. This Spanish 4 Reales was recovered from the wreck site of the “VOC” Dutch East Indiaman ship Rooswijk. On December 19, 1739, this 145’ heavily armed ship with 30 guns, was sailing in a storm with 30 chests of treasure off the southeast coast of England. That day, with all hands on board, the Rooswijk sank without a trace along an area known as the Goodwin Sands. The Goodwin Sands is a treacherous area, located just north of the Straits of Dover, where the tides make sand banks appear and disappear unpredictably. Over the centuries many ships have met their doom here, with all the evidence soon swallowed up by the sands.
Occasionally, one of the shipwrecks remains will surface and be discovered. This happened by chance in December 2004, when the sands parted upon the buried wrecksite of the Rooswijk, allowing diver Ken Welling to salvage two complete chests and hundreds of silver bars. The salvage operation continued in 2005, under the direction of Rex Cowan and in agreement with the Dutch and British governments and is still ongoing today.