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Item #9100
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  • Obverse: Jesus Christ Enthroned
  • Reverse: Virgin Mary Crowning Romanus III
  • Date: AD 1028 - 1034. Grade: Extremely Fine
  • Mint: Constantinople, Byzantine Empire
  • Gold Nomisma Coin in 14k Gold Pendant
  • Framed Coin Size: 28mm Diameter, Weight 9.8g
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This 11th century Byzantine gold coin, features Jesus Christ Pantokrator “Christ in Majesty”. Jesus is shown enthroned, wearing a nimbus crown, pallium and colobium, while raising his right hand in benediction and holding the Book of Gospels in his left hand. The reverse shows the Virgin Mary (nimbate) crowning and blessing Emperor Romanus III. The Emperor is standing and facing while holding a globus cruciger, which symbolized Christ's dominion over the world.
The Byzantine Empire was the Eastern Roman Empire during the Middle Ages, centered on the capital of Constantinople "New Rome" and ruled by Emperors in direct succession to the ancient Roman Emperors. With the eventual decline of Rome, the Church of Constantinople became the richest and most influential center of the Christian world. Art of the Byzantine Empire was mainly devoted to the Christian faith. This coin is an ideal reflection of Christendom, which flourished in the Middle Ages under their protection.
Emperor Romanus III ruled for just 6 years until his untimely death in 1034. He showed great eagerness to make his mark as a ruler and spent large sums upon new buildings, including the foundation of the Monastery of the Peribleptos.