Pegasus and Palm Tree Pendant

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  • Obverse: Pegasus
  • Reverse: Palm Tree
  • Date: 400 - 310 BC, Grade: Very Fine
  • Mint: Skepsis, Troas
  • Bronze Coin in 14k White Gold Pendant
  • Framed Coin Size: 20mm Diameter, Weight 10.1g
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This bronze coin featuring Pegasus, was minted during the 4th century BC in the town of Skepsis, Greek Asia Minor. Skepsis was an ancient settlement located along the Skamander River, which along the lower course, according to the Iliad, the battles of the Trojan War were fought. The town of Skepsis was the location where the famous library of Aristotle was kept before being moved to Pergamum and Alexandria.
In 334 BC, Greek Asia Minor was under Persian control when Alexander attacked and defeated the Persian forces at the Battle of the Granicus. He then marched his army south along the coast, liberating this region from the Persians and this region enjoyed a period of great prosperity thereafter.
Pegasus, the winged divine stallion, is one of the best known creatures in Greek mythology. He was sired by Poseidon, in his role as horse-god and foaled by the Gorgon Medusa. A young Corinthian nobleman named Bellerophon, captured Pegasus while he paused to drink from a spring. He then tamed Pegasus so he could ride on itsí back and defeat both the Chimera and the Amazons, tasks which would otherwise have been impossible for a mortal. Pegasus was also mortal and because of his faithful service to Zeus, on the last day of his life, Zeus transformed him into a constellation.